Kutumbari: A Cordial Invitation

Kutumbari is an ideal restaurant, where you can enjoy your foods in a homely atmosphere. It offers you breakfast, lunch, evening meal and dinner with its 106 items including magnificent Chinese and Mogul cuisines. It renders a cozy environment, where you can spend a very warm leisure time with your closest friends.


Kutumbari is a hub for the romantic people to savor their every single moment. To enhance the delights of the romantic couples it offers an exquisite love package. From this package you can either pick a fast food set menu or a Chinese set menu.


You can also enjoy Chinese, Mogul and Indian packages, which offer you ravishing tastes. You can arrange a birthday party, marriage day, reunion and so on and order foods from Kutumbari’s splendid food items.


We are very much ingenious in cooking foods and serving them. We can ensure that the foods will satisfy your palate.


The restaurant is located at Lalmatia, Mohammadpur i.e. in the center of Dhaka.


Regular Menu


Kutumbari Ltd

Lalmatia Branch

2/12 Block-F,Lalmatia, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Panthapath Branch

13/A Panthopath, near Basundhora City Shopping Complex, Dhaka, Bangladesh